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You can. In case there is an interruption while attempting a test paper, you can stop, save your answers and restart from where you left off. However, the total duration per test will remain 3 hours.
Yes you have to finish in the stipulated time as per the examination rules. You cannot get extension of the time. However, once you have submitted the answers, you will be able to access the whole paper with the right and wrong answers.
Each test pack contains 5 tests of 300 questions each. Each test must be answered within 3 hours. You will have access to this pack for 30 days from the day you register and pay for your course.

Only PGMed Online Coaching Academy offers you a real time simulation of the actual Medical Examinations. We all know that errors creep in due to stress when we have to answer a test paper in a limited time. Sometimes silly mistakes are made because we are in a hurry. The aim of this training program is to eliminate these mistakes by repeated practice, keeping the three hour duration in mind. Further by doing a huge number of tests that cover thousands of questions, you will be able to thoroughly revise the entire syllabus.

It is possible that a question from one source may be repeated in another exam. Pay more attention to these questions and their answers as their repetition indicates that the topic is important. However these will be limited in number and care will be taken to ensure that each question is different.
No. You will have to register and get a login ID and password in order to access the tests.
This may happen when preparing thousands of questions. Please Contact Us and let us know. We will review and get back to you immediately with the necessary corrections. Your feedback is VERY IMPORTANT to us. We depend on you to ensure that each question and answer is of the highest quality.