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About PGMedonline.com

Excellent revision website for the following medical examinations:

Why Us


With our interactive and adaptable online, platform, we aim to make the entire preparation experience as close to the actual examination.

Best Training

We aim to give maximum attention to providing training of the highest quality.

Boosting Confidence

We recognize and value you as a doctor and treat your knowledge and understanding with utmost respect.


We are here to guide you through any problems you might face on our interface or otherwise.

Unique Revision Methodology

Reduces and saves time taken for revision

Focus only on those subjects and topics where you require more knowledge

No wastage of time reading what you already know

Get instant reports on your performance after completing each test

Finds out gaps in your knowledge

Revise only those portions that you need

Continue your hospital work and earn while you learn

Email your queries or post them in the online forum for discussion

Preparing for your medical exam

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Contact Us

For any queries or feedback on PGMed Online, feel free to drop us an email at contactpgmed@gmail.com!

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